Retirement Plan Solutions

iStock_000008849891SmallWe strive to provide employers with suitable information, compliance friendly solutions, and the potential to reduce costs, while enhancing investment opportunities and helping participants achieve financial security.


Fiduciary Guidance

All of the recently enacted “disclosure” laws” have heaped even more responsibility onto Plan Sponsors. As the fiduciary of a company retirement plan, the plan sponsor has responsibility and the associated liability for the overall governance and operation of the company retirement plan. It is crucial that you partner with an independent firm specializing in services that help reduce plan sponsor exposure to fiduciary liability. Here at Hyland Financial Strategies, we utilize an independent compliance tool to measure the health of a retirement plan. This program provides us the resources necessary to identify weaknesses in the plan which we then address and remedy.


Fee Benchmarking and Vendor Search

Again, new laws were put in place that makes it imperative for plan sponsors to understand the details and specifics of their company retirement plan. Hyland Financial Strategies is available to do a thorough analysis and review of your current retirement plan. As part of this process we will review the current provider’s services including administration/recording-keeping, compliance, website compatibility and ease of use as well as service management and employee communication. As an independent advisory firm, we represent many retirement plan providers and can do a thorough benchmarking of your current plan in order for you to ascertain the reasonableness of the fees in your current plan.


Independent Investment Due Diligence

At Hyland Financial Strategies, we are committed to providing independent investment analysis and staying on top of the fiduciary responsibility that is associated with choosing and monitoring the investments included in your – company retirement plan. It is important to have a diversified lineup of investments and through our independent vendors, we have access to nearly the entire universe of mutual funds. The data analysis tools that we have will allow us to contrast and compare your current investment selections to their associated peer groups. These analytical tools are crucial in helping us determine and identify potential weaknesses in your plan and focus on potential remedies.



Statistics indicate that many employees today are not saving enough for their retirement and are not investing appropriately. Without an increase in education and advice, the majority of your plan participants will most likely fall financially short at retirement. Hyland Financial Strategies is committed to maximizing benefits for plan participants through group and individual education meetings, employee communication strategies, asset allocation and investment guidance, education modules, and employee memos. We will deliver this information in a way that is easy for your participants to understand and intended to help them achieve their retirement goals.